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Business Information
Business Overview
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Qingdao Haotai Iddustrial Co.,Ltd.

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Business Information
Nihon Hardmetal expands its business as comprehensive cemented carbide manufacturer to contribute to the local society, and pursue satisfaction of customers and employees, with the philosophy of “Enterprise is family”.

Business Range

- Sound management

- Produces products accepted in the world market

Competitive Force Viewpoint/Origin

- Develops the new products that meets customer’s needs in a timely manner


- Keep challenge spirit and youth, with the motto, “cheerfull,pleasant and fine”


- Excellent products will be de delivered to the cutting tool market at reasonable price

Corporate Image

- Reliable,high-tech manufacture despite corporate scale

Main Product

Main Plant

- Round bar with 2 spiral coolant holes

- Nearnet-shaped round bar

- Round Bar

- circular saw chip

Business Range

Kyushu Factory

・End Mill, Drill & Tap blank

・Round Bar

・Nearnet-shaped round bar

Business Range